Courier or Small / General Freight

Need it there ASAP, in a couple of hours, or just sometime later today?

Whatever your urgency, City Sprint offers a complete line of same day services to choose from. Whether it’s an envelope, a few packages, or a full cargo, our professionally trained staff is always available to help you determine which service best meets your needs…and your budget.

So give us a call, after all we’re the company that pioneered the on-demand delivery business in the Portland/Vancouver area 30 years ago.

Local Overnight

Need it there tomorrow but your package or freight won’t be ready until after your FedEx or UPS cut off time? Is your shipment too big, heavy, or awkwardly shaped to be cost effective with the national carriers? Or maybe you’re just concerned about it traveling all over the place and being passed around like a football before it reaches its destination.

Whatever your situation, let City Sprint give you the flexible options and peace of mind you need. We offer an array of overnight services for you to choose from. So give us a call and let one of our friendly service professionals help you choose the best service for your needs…and your budget!

Call (503) 285-5000

Rates are determined by distance, vehicle used, and destination delivery time requirements.

Your freight is safely stored overnight in our secure TSA approved warehouse facility.

Call (503) 285-5000

Dedicated Rush

Available 24 /7, 365 days a year, this is our fastest service. Sometimes referred to as direct point to point, a dedicated driver is dispatched for immediate pick-up and delivery with no stops in between. Delivery times vary depending on size of shipment, and overall travel distance required, but usually less than 1-2 hours within our local service area.


Available 24/7, 365 days per year. We will pick up and deliver your packages in our local service area typically within 2 hours from your call or ready time, depending on destination.


Have your shipment ready by 2:00 PM, and we will deliver it anywhere in our service area by 5:00 PM, usually within 2-4 hours from your call or ready time.

Economy Same Day (6 hour service)

Have your shipment ready by 11:00 AM, and we will deliver it anywhere in our service area by 5:00 PM, usually within 3-5 hours from your call or ready time.


Need a driver for a couple of hours? How about all day…or all week? City Sprint’s hourly driver services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Pricing varies based on size and type of vehicle necessary, and there is a two hour minimum.

Sprint Delivery Service Area

  • Local Service Area

  • Extended Delivery Area